Workers’ Compensation

Fitch Johnson Larson has a long history of representing self-insured employers, insurers, and third-party administrators in the Minnesota and Wisconsin workers’ compensation systems. All of the attorneys in our firm have specialized in workers’ compensation matters throughout their careers. With over 150 years of combined practice, we have the legal experience needed to successfully defend your workers’ compensation claim.

Our comprehensive representation starts when you need us. From the first report of an injury, a determination on acceptance or denial of liability, or the initiation of a formal claim, our attorneys are available to provide guidance and representation through complicated workers’ compensation procedures. We can assist in obtaining independent medical, vocational and other expert opinions. We will help you prepare your dispute for hearing and represent your interests through hearing and, if necessary, appeal.

Each state’s workers’ compensation system is different. Additionally, federal issues involving Medicare and the Longshore Act can further complicate claims. To avoid penalties and additional exposure, you need attorneys who know how to properly navigate through the system.

We pride ourselves in providing cost-effective, thorough and individualized legal services to all of our clients. In addition to representation on specific claims, we provide education to our clients through seminars and other forums, to ensure that they are well-informed and up-to-date on workers’ compensation law.